Hugo G. Nutini

Hugo G. Nutini

Hugo G. Nutini was University Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Essays on Mexican Kinship

Essays in Mexican Kinship offers new and important data on the social structure of Indian and rural Mestizo communities of Mexico, particularly those of the highlands, and provides models and suggestions for future research.

Game Theory in the Behavioral Sciences

This collection of essays was the first major attempt to apply game theory, linear programming, and graph theory to anthropological data.Contributors: John Atkins; Ira B. Buchler; Albert M. Chammah; Luke Curtis; Walter Goldschmidt; Hans Hoffman; Robert Kozelka; Bernhardt Lieberman; Frank B. Livingstone; R. Michael McKinlay; Anatol Rapoport; Richard F. Salisbury; T. C. Schelling; M. Shubik; and Martin Southwold.