Matthew Holden Jr.

Matthew Holden Jr.

Matthew Holden Jr. is the first Wepner Distinguished Professor in Political Science at the University of Illinois at Springfield. He is also the Henry L. and Grace M. Doherty Professor Emeritus of Politics at the University of Virginia and former president of the American Political Science Association and of the Policy Studies Organization.

Continuity and Disruption

Essays in Public Administration

• Choice 1997 Outstanding Academic Book • Winner of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists 1997 Outstanding Book Award

Through thoughtful essays linking historical concepts, current issues, and areas for future research, Matthew Holden, Jr., argues that the study of public administration is indispensable to understanding politics. Essentially, public administration consists of making decisions about information, money, and force-three crucial sources of power: politics and administration cannot be separated, and no political system can be sustained when its administrative core collapses.

Holden explores issues in administration as reflected in political theory and discusses the specifics of organization, bureaucratic, and management theory. He considers such concepts as executive leadership and the emergence of administrative law and turns an unblinking eye on the practice of public administration today, buffeted by changes in communications technology and by ethnic diversity.