Thomas F. Staley

Thomas F. Staley

Thomas F. Staley was professor of English and dean of the graduate school at the University of Tulsa.

Approaches to Ulysses

Ten Essays

Scholars of James Joyce offer critical analysis of his work Ulysses. Five essays interpret the character of the novel; four deal with the literary style of presentation, the last focuses on the problems of translation.Contributors: Robert R. Boyle, S.J.; David Hayman; Richard M. Kain; Darcy OÆBrien; Weldon Thornton; Erwin R. Steinberg; William M. Schutte; Fritz Senn; H. Frew Waidner; and the editors.

The Shapeless God

Essays on Modern Fiction

Nine noted literary critics examine the spiritual and religious elements in the fiction of such diverse writers as James Baldwin, J. F. Powers, Graham Greene, Par Lagerkvist, and Flannery OÆConnor.Contributors: Robert Boyle, S.J.; Robert McAfee Brown; A. A. Devitis; Herbert Howarth; Maralee Frampton; Nathan A. Scott, Jr.; Albert Sonnenfeld; Winston Weathers; and the editors