Community Planning in the 1920s

The Contribution of the Regional Planning Association of America

Roy Lubove presents the first detailed study of the Regional Planning Association of America, whose organization in 1923 signified a sharp break with traditional housing and planning in the United States. Composed of a small number of talented technicians and social critics, the RPAA was distinctive for its uncompromising criticism of small-scale speculative housing development and planning efforts that failed to relate physical and social change within a regional framework. Lubove's study is based in part upon interviews and materials supplied by some of the founding members of the RPAA.

168 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

February, 1964

isbn : 9780822950721

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Roy Lubove

Roy Lubove, was professor of social welfare and history at the University of Pittsburgh and the author of several books, including: The Progressives and the Slums; Social Welfare in Transition: Selected English Documents, 1834Ð1909and Community Planning in the 1920s: The Contribution of the Regional Planning Association of America.

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Roy Lubove