Richard Wright

An Introduction to the Man and His Works

Russell Brignano's excellent and comprehensive study . . . . is dictated by what he sees as the nature of Wright's work. Because this is of concern to historians, philosophers, and sociologists, as well as to literary critics, Mr. Brignano devotes one chapter apiece to Wright's views in four areas: 'race relations in America, Marxism, contemporary international affairs, and Wright's own changing philosophical props.' . . . No future scholar who studies Wright's career will be able to avoid the approach outlined in this book.
American Literature

The first book-length study of Richard Wright (1908–1960) gives a critical, historical, and biographical perspective on the gifted African American writer. It presents Wright not only as an artist whose subjects and themes were affected by his race, but also as a sensitive and talented man who was deeply immersed in the major social and intellectual movements of his day.Brigano discusses WrightÆs artistry and his major public concerns as revealed in his novels, short stories, essays, and poetry: race relations in the United States, the role of Marxism in recent history and the future, the direction of international affairs, and the modes of modern personal and social philosophies.

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Russell Carl Brignano

Russell Carl Brignano is emeritus professor of English at Pennsylvania State University.

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Russell Carl Brignano