Clean Air

The Policies and Politics of Pollution Control

This book is magnificently researched and excitingly written. It should be of great interest not only to those concerned about controlling air pollution and those looking for an example of the policy process at work, but also to all students of federalism, for the intergovernmental aspects of policy making are at the heart of Jones's analysis.

Clean Air begins and ends with a vivid case study of air pollution at the Clairton coke works, the largest such facility in the world. Against this background, Jones analyzes the development of pollution control policy beyond capability. He describes normal policy development as the gradual temporization of proposals, but that air pollution control deviated from the norm because of widespread public demand in the late 1960s for unrealistic controls. Jones's study further examines the development and implementation of policy at three levels-local, state and federal.

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Charles O. Jones

Charles O. Jones is Hawkins Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a non-resident Senior Fellow in the Governmental Studies Program at the Brookings Institution.

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Charles O. Jones