Nationalism in Iran

Updated Through 1978

This is the first comprehensive and systematic study of Iranian nationalism. . . . Cottam has daringly and imaginatively analyzed nationalism in Iran. . . . It is heartening to note that an American scholar has drawn so painstakingly on Iranian sources without fallen victim to the pitfalls of such an intellectual adventure. This book is to be commended enthusiastically to the layman and specialist alike.
The Middle East Journal

For a brief period in the early 1950s, Iranian nationalism captured the world's attention as, under the leadership of Mohammad Mossadeq, the Iranian National Movement tried to liberate Iran from British imperialism. Regarding nationalism as a major determinant of the attitudes and loyalties of those who embrace it, Cottam analyzes the complex religious, national, and social values at work within Iran and examines, more generally, the turbulence of nationalism in developing states and its perplexing problems for American foreign policy.In a new 40-page chapter, added in 1978, Cottam updated his pioneering study by examining the condition of Iran fifteen years after his first analysis-from its rapid economic growth as an oil producer to Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's unsuccessful efforts to rouse nationalistic sentiment in his favor.

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Richard W. Cottam

Richard W. Cottam was professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Richard W. Cottam