Female and Male in Latin America

The twelve articles included in Female and Male in Latin America are an excellent collection of writings on topics ranging from literary archetypes and female role alternatives to domestic service as a channel of upward mobility for the lower-class woman. . . . essays of great value.
Red River Valley Historical Journal of World History

A pioneering study of Latin American women that views contemporary perceptions and realities of women’s lives, women’s roles in modernization versus tradition, the conflicts of class struggles among women, and the future of women’s participation in Cuban society.

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Ann M. Pescatello

Ann M. Pescatello is a historian and the author or editor of numerous books, including Female and Male in Latin America: Essays; Power and Pawn: The Female in Iberian Families, Societies, and Cultures, and Studies in Musicology II: 1929-1979.

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Ann M. Pescatello