High Frontier

A History of Aeronautics in Pennsylvania

From the early days of hot air ballooning to supersonic aircraft, High Frontier chronicles the history of flight in Pennsylvania. Early experimentation with lighter-than-air craft in the nineteenth century was followed by significant advances in aerodynamics, the advent of the airplane, and its gradual acceptance by the public. The state had its own contingent of inventors and aviators, who flew and crashed their homemade machines in countless exhibitions. After World War I commercial flights took wing, including government airmail delivery, and expanded airports, federal and state regulation of aeronautics laid the groundwork for the growth of the industry.

358 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

June, 1982

isbn : 9780822953401

about the author

William F. Trimble

William F. Trimble is professor and former department chair of history at Auburn University, and the author of several books including Attack from the Sea: A History of the U.S. Navy’s Seaplane Striking Force, and Jerome C. Hunsaker and the Rise of American Aeronautics.

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William F. Trimble