A Revolution Aborted

The Lessons of Grenada

Edited By Jorge Heine
The 12 articles provide a remarkably comprehensive, informative and balanced account of the Grenadian Revolution and its aftermath by recognized specialists in Caribbean development and comparative politics.
Canadian Journal of Political Science

Twelve essays address the political and cultural features of the Grenada experience, in light of the 1979 uprising that toppled Prime Minister Eric Gairy, and the subsequent U.S. invasion of 1983. The contributors discuss theoretical issues that go to the heart of dilemmas faced by many small, developing societies.

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Jorge Heine

Jorge Heine is professor of political science and CIGI Chair in Global Governance at Wilfred Laurier University. Dr Heine served as Chile’s Ambassador to India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (2003-2007), was Ambassador of Chile to South Africa (1994-1999), and a cabinet minister in the Chilean government.

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Jorge Heine