The Competitive City

The Political Economy of Suburbia

Schneider has written a readable, accessible book that draws on the experience of suburban municipalities to explore, in a statistical analysis, the impact of interlocal competition on local expenditures. His research is a rigorous and sophisticated piece of work that will be'must' reading for serious researchers in the field.
Journal of Federalism

This timely and important book, which won a special citation from the American Political Science Association’s Urban Affairs Section for its “major theoretical development,” analyzes the effect of competition among suburban communities to attract residents and business with the best public services and the lowest taxes. Using data from a large sample of suburban cities, Mark Schneider offers a theoretical extension of the Tiebout-Peterson approach to understanding public policies and integrates this perspective with recent work on the power of bureaucrats to control budgets.

264 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

March, 1991

isbn : 9780822954521

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Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider iis Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Stony Brook University, State University of New York.

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Mark Schneider