Mental Health, Racism, and Sexism

This is a book for a wide range of mental health professionals. It is moreover, a chilling, though hopeful, wake-up call to all merely politically correct Americans.

The essays in this volume discuss racism and sexism as they affect mental health. In particular, they focus on training, diagnosis, treatment, and research, emphasizing the power relationships between individuals and groups that cause unequal access to mental health care. They offer perspectives on issues and their distinct effects on mental health: interracial adoptions, teenage motherhood, gender bias in mental health diagnosis and therapy, prisons used as substitutes for hospitals, homeless families, and increasing violence- in the home, on college campuses, and in the streets.

464 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

September, 1995

isbn : 9780822955498

about the author

Charles V. Willie

Charles V. Willie is Charles William Eliot Professor of Education, Emeritus at Harvard University.

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Charles V. Willie