In Every Seam

The poet's double vision, recalling the events of her life and framing them in history, as a large part of the strength of this book. . . . Throughout this book, Joseph presents the events of daily life both plainly and transcendently, as if to summon up the entire cultural setting in which they take place. . . . The triumphant final poem, 'Plenty' . . . . is an implied rebuke to any possible misreading of her poems as limited to a poetics of identity, or rooted in the deprivations of history rather than the plenty and richness of her experience, the will and ingenuity of her imagination and her strong poetic gift.
Women's Review of Books

In Every Seam is the third book of poems from Allison Joseph, whose previous collections are What Keeps Us Here and Soul Train. Joseph’s poems are vivid recreations of a city girlhood, one full of energy and vitality, sometimes even brutality. Her poems recall all the wonders and terrors of neighborhood bullies, school braggarts, demanding teachers and wary students. Her poems pulse with the rhythms of childhood games and taunts, the song-stories of the streets. These poems document the difficult, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes hilarious passage from girl to woman.

104 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

March, 1997

isbn : 9780822956419

about the author

Allison Joseph

Allison Joseph is the author of three books and her honors include the 1992 Women Poets Series Competition Award, the 1992 John C. Zacharis First Book Prize, an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship in Poetry for 1996, and a 1997 Literary Award from the Illinois Arts Council. She is Associate Professor of creative writing and poetry at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

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