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Essays in the Intellectual Work of Composition

This is a book only James Slevin could have written, and it is a book for which many in the field have been waiting for a long time. I sometimes felt as if he were writing this book just for me—or to put it another way, to those who have been in this field for the last thirty years, struggling with—and sometimes against—each other.
Andrea A. Lunsford, Stanford University

James Slevin traces how composition emerged for him not as a vehicle for improving student writing, but rather as a way of working collaboratively with students to interpret educational practices and work for educational reform.

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James Slevin

James F. Slevin is professor of English at Georgetown University and, alone and with others, has written and/or edited major contributions to the field, including The Right to Literacy, The Future of Doctoral Students in English, Critical Theory and the Teaching of Literature: Politics, Curriculum, Pedagogy, and The Next Generation: Preparing Graduate Studies for the Professional Responsibilities of College Teachers.

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James Slevin