Fifteenth Century England

A rich appreciation of the people of the 1400's—their commerce and songs, their nobility in battle and their emergence as a nation with its own language and culture. . . . The simple elegance of Dr. Hunt's style is a precise tool . . . and the book should delight scholar and general reader alike.
Pittsburgh Press

From the text:”Too often, it is overlooked or its meaning blurred. It comes between the brightness of the 1300Æs—ChaucerÆs time—and the time of Elizabeth I. Looking into it, we may be so dazzled by the two bright centuries which bound it that it is a dim space of time with no exact shape or clear colors in it. Yet the whole century was active, practical, strong, unique, humane, searching and changing, mystical.”

164 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

February, 1962

isbn : 9780822960188

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Percival Hunt

Percival Hunt (1878-1968) was professor emeritus of English at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Percival Hunt