Cuban Studies has been published annually by the University of Pittsburgh Press since 1985. Founded in 1970, it is the preeminent journal for scholarly work on Cuba. Each volume includes articles in both English and Spanish, a large book review section, and an exhaustive compilation of recent works in the field.

Widely praised for its interdisciplinary approach and trenchant analysis of an array of topics, each volume features the best scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. Cuban Studies 38 includes essays on the politics of liberation, including: the competing strands of liberalism emanating from Havana in the early nineteenth century; Jose Martí’s theory of psychocoloniality; and the relationship between sugar planters, insurgents, and the Spanish military during the revolution. This volume also reflects on cultural themes, such as the new aesthetics of the everyday in Cuban cinema, the “recovery” of poet José Angel Buesa, and the meaning of Elián Gonzales in the context of life in Miami.

288 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

January, 2015

isbn : 9780822963615


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Louis A. Pérez Jr.

Louis A. Perez Jr. is J. Carlyle Sitterson Professor of History at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Louis A. Pérez Jr.