Henry Miller: Expatriate

A scholarly yet energetic discussion of Miller as exile, non-conformist, and seer."
Saturday Review

“In 1934 the city of Paris saw the birth of a book, published in English, which achieved instantaneous notoriety. Henry MillerÆs Tropic of Cancer unfolded the adventures of a loquacious, free-wheeling, appallingly uninhibited American expatriate. But the rollicking eloquence, determined gusto, and explosive imagery of this modern Rabelais barely concealed the figure of a lonely American writer, thoroughly immersed in a legendary American situation.”—from the IntroductionBaxter examines MillerÆs relationship with his native land and with Europe through his writings and in the comments of his critics and friends, navigating through the inconsistencies and the evolution of his opinions as his experiences changed. Her insights offer a complex, nuanced evaluation of Miller as writer and as expatriate.

212 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

July, 1961

isbn : 9780822983767

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Annette Baxter

Annette Baxter was Adolf S. and Effie Ochs Professor of American History at Barnard College.

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Annette Baxter