Herbert Hoover and Economic Diplomacy

Department of Commerce Policy, 1921-1928

A masterly and thorough survey of the period when Mr. Hoover headed the Department of Commerce. In a vital and succinct manner, [Brandes] has related the circumstances and recaptured the social, political, and economic climate surrounding important events-some of them not well known even at the time.
Lewis L. Strauss, from the foreword

From 1921 to 1928, future president Hoover built the Commerce Department into one of the most influential forces in federal government. During this time, the United States became a major creditor to other nations, which in turn had a significant impact on power relations between nations. The Commerce Department also became a champion of American economic rights and independence from foreign commodities, and in the process became the guiding force in national economic policy.

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Joseph Brandes

Joseph Brandes is Emeritus Professor of History, William Paterson College of New Jersey.

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Joseph Brandes