Hawks of the Sun

Mapuche Morality and Its Ritual Attributes

"Hawks of the Sun is a magnificent piece of scholarship. . . . [I]t will be considered one of the classic works dealing with primitive religions."
Edward H. Winter

Southern central Chile supports one of the largest functioning indigenous societies in South America, the Mapuche, who have withstood more than four hundred years of persistent efforts at colonization and missionization. In spite of inevitable cultural and social change during those years, they have maintained a great measure of cultural and social integrity, and remain a regional, ethically conscious minority in Chile. The Mapuche, in their own words, are “another race,” with their own gods, their own notions of right and wrong, their own symbolism. Abiding by the rules of their society ensures their eternal place among the hawks of the sun.

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L. C. Faron

L. C. Faron was professor of anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh and coauthor of Native Peoples of South America.

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L. C. Faron