The Nazis in the Balkans

A Case Study of Totalitarian Politics

The Sudosteuropa-Gesellschaft (Southeast Europe Society or SOEG) was founded in 1940 to formulate wartime policy in Southeast Europe; its organizational life began and ended with the Third Reich.

In his analysis of the creation, growth, and death of the SOEG, Dietrich Orlow focuses on the institutional behavior and power struggles of this microcosm of the Nazi system. Its story is illustrative of the nature of politics in all totalitarian societies and reveals the aims and the failure of Germany’s wartime exploitation of the Balkan resources and the long-term economic designs for the Balkans after the Third Reich’s expected victory.

248 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

October, 1968

isbn : 9780822984078

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Dietrich Orlow

Dietrich Orlow is professor of history at Boston University.

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Dietrich Orlow