The Aesthetic Thought of the French Enlightenment

This short and lucid book is built on the notion that French aesthetic thought in the eighteenth century is marked by various dualisms and, furthermore, upon the distinction drawn by the author himself between aesthetic and critical theories. . . . the book is quite good.
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

For most of the twentieth century, the writings of aestheticians of the French Enlightenment were neglected by philosophers and students of the fine arts. Coleman has applied philosophical analysis to the writings of Diderot, Montesquieu, Dubos, Batteux, André, and Crousaz, among others, to reflect on the fine arts of the first two-thirds of the eighteenth century.

190 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

June, 1971

isbn : 9780822984313

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Francis X. J. Coleman

Francis X. J. Coleman was professor of philosophy at Boston University and the author of several books, including The Aesthetic Thought of the French Enlightenment.

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Francis X. J. Coleman