The Emergence of a UAW Local, 1936–1939

A Study in Class and Culture

This book will be quite useful to historians interested in oral history as a research technique.

Peter Friedlander documents the formation of a local United Automobile Workers union at a mid-sized parts factory during the turbulent 1930s. Blending oral history based on personal interviews with a keen analysis of the worker's class structure and widely varied cultural backgrounds, Freidlander describes the transformation of a working-class community by its own actions and the ensuing stratification and factionalizing within that union. The result is a firsthand account of the experience of unionization in personal and social terms.

190 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

July, 1975

isbn : 9780822984474

about the author

Peter Friedlander

Peter Friedlander is assistant professor of sociology at Wayne State University.

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Peter Friedlander