After Innocence

Visions of the Fall in Modern Literature

This excellent work treats the literary expression of the 'most elemental of myths,' the Fall, beginning with the secular, humanist romantics, especially Blake, who reendowed the myth with meaning after the literal, orthodox religious interpretations had been seriously challenged.

The fear of falling, the awareness of lost innocence, lost illusions, lost hopes and intentions, of civilization in decline—these are the themes which link literature to theology, both concerned with the shape of human destiny. Otten discusses the continuing viability of the myth of the Fall in literature. He relates a wide variety of romantic and modern works to fundamental issues in modern Christianity.

248 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

June, 1982

isbn : 9780822984870

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Terry Otten

Terry Otten is professor emeritus of English at Wittenberg University.

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Terry Otten