Rebirth of the Paraguayan Republic

The First Colorado Era, 1878-1904

A superb account of a nation almost literally climbing from the ashes. Quite simply, this is the first academic treatment of the era, because of the destruction, theft, 'misplacement' and 'protection' of much of the documentary material. . . . only one who truly understands the Paraguayan past and has worked in it for decades would even attempt the task. . . . An exceptional book.
The Americas

A scholarly study of Paraguay in the decades dominated by the Colorados, immediately following the Allied occupation of the country after the disastrous War of the Triple Alliance, when half of Paraguay's population died. This period of rebirth saw the formal organization of Paraguay's major political parties, the Colorados and the Liberals, and the dominance of the Colorados until the Liberal revolution of 1904.

400 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

June, 1985

isbn : 9780822984917

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Harris Gaylord Warren

Harris Gaylord Warren (1906-1988) was professor of history at Miami University of Ohio.

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Harris Gaylord Warren