Oil and Mexican Foreign Policy

Excellent, lucid, and jargon free. Highly recommended."
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The discovery of enormous oil reserves in the early 1970s revolutionized Mexico's economy and political behavior, bringing soaring revenues and industrial development. The oil glut of 1981 and wild fluctuations in world prices, pushed the country to the brink of bankruptcy. George W. Grayson describes how the roller-coaster economic ride, shrill nationalism, political assertiveness, and arrogant posturing of the 1970s have given way to greater professionalism, fiscal responsibility, and a cooperative attitude towards the United States in recent times.

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George Grayson

George W. Grayson is the Class of 1938 Professor of Government at the College of William & Mary, a senior associate at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, and an associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

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George Grayson