Mind of Winter

Wallace Stevens, Meditation, and Literature

Lucidly written and attentive to the formal processes of the poetry, this is an original and useful study.
Journal of Modern Literature

Bevis addresses the most puzzling and least studied aspect of Wallace StevensÆ poetry: detachment. StevensÆ detachment, often associated by readers with asceticism, bareness, or withdrawal, is one of the distinguishing and pervasive characteristics of StevensÆ poetic work. Bevis agues that this detachment is meditative and therefore experiential in origin. Moreover, the meditative Stevens of spare syntax and clear image is in constant tension with the romantic, imaginative Stevens of dazzling metaphors and exuberant flight. Indeed, for Bevis, Stevens is a poet not of imagination and reality, but of imagination and reality, but of imagination and meditation in relation to reality.

356 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

February, 1989

isbn : 9780822985112

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William W. Bevis

William W. Bevis is emeritus professor of English at the University of Montana.

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William W. Bevis