Emily Dickinson’s Reception in the 1890s

A Documentary History

This is a splendid book, and one to be treasured by Dickinson scholars and those interested in the history of taste and the transmission of a poet's reputation during the crucial years when her work was first published. Buckingham has gathered all the known public commentary on Dickinson, in the United States and in Britain, published in the 1890s, and his introduction to these materials is a model of clarity.
The Modern Language Review/Yearbook of English Studies

This work reprint, annotates, and indexes virtually all mention of Emily Dickinson in the first decade of her publication, tripling the known references to the poet during the nineties. Much of this material, drawn from scrapbooks of clippings, rare journals, and crumbling newspapers, was on the verge of extinction.Modern audiences will be struck by the impact of DickinsonÆs poetry on her first readers. We learn much about the taste of the period and the relationship between publishers, reviewers, and the reading public. It demonstrates that Dickinson enjoyed a wider popular reception than had been realized: readers were astonished by her creative brilliance.

656 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

November, 1989

isbn : 9780822985150

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Willis J. Buckingham

Willis J. Buckingham is emeritus professor of English at Arizona State University.

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Willis J. Buckingham