Little Common Ground

Arab Agriculture and Jewish Settlement in Palestine, 1920-1948

Kamen has not only met the scholarly challenges, he has also produced a book that deserves to be admired for its intelligence and thorough honesty. . . . Scholarship of this sort is worthy of the highest praise.
Middle East Journal

Arabs and Jews have disputed the ancient lands of Palestine since the late nineteenth century, when Jews began emigrating there, buying land, and establishing farms, settlements, and businesses. In this book, Kamen examines the structure of Arab Palestine between the two world wars. He contrasts British and Israeli analyses against real world social and economic conditions of rural Arab society.

344 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

July, 1991

isbn : 9780822985280

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Charles S. Kamen

Charles S. Kamen is Senior Director of the Department of Social and Welfare Statistics of the Central Bureau of Statistics in Jerusalem.

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Charles S. Kamen