Varieties of Marxist Humanism

Philosophical Revision in Postwar Eastern Europe

Varieties of Marxist Humanism offers a serious and well-balanced contribution to a deeper understanding of controversies in Marxism behind the so-called 'Iron Curtain.' . . .The book focuses on the activity of 'critical thinkers' in four countries: Poland, Hungary, former Czechoslovakia and former Yugoslavia [and] emphasizes the controversial nature of eastern European critical thought: it 'used the same vocabulary official Marxism used.'
Slavic Review

Satterwhite analyzes the work of revisionist thinkers in four East European countries whose critique of the orthodox “official” Marxism laid the philosophical groundwork for the 1989-1990 upheavals in Eastern Europe and a reassessment of Marxist thought throughout the world.

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James H. Satterwhite

James H. Satterwhite is emeritus professor of history and political science at Bluffton University.

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James H. Satterwhite