Steelmasters and Labor Reform, 1886-1923

Steelmasters and Labor Reform offers valuable insight into the evolution of labor policy. . . . The book adds an important dimension to the historian's understanding of management-labor relations during the steel industry's non-union era, the nearly four decades from the Homestead strike to the National Labor Relations Act.
Business History Review

Gerald G. Eggert provides a fascinating inside view of top steel officials arguing their positions on various labor reforms—stock purchase plans, employer liability, employee representation, and elimination of the twelve-hour shift and seven-day work week, during the late eighteen and early nineteenth century.

232 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

December, 1981

isbn : 9780822985556

about the author

Gerald G. Eggert

Gerald G. Eggert is professor emeritus of American history at Penn State University.

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Gerald G. Eggert