Primary Medical Care in Chile

Accessibility under Military Rule

Scarpaci has produced a well-written, informative and often provocative account of Chile's formal system of primary medical services. . . . an important contribution to the growing body of literature on health care systems. . . . It will be of particular interest to medical geographers, students of international health care policy and systems, and Latin American and urban specialists.
Annals of the Association of American Geographers

Since Pinochet's regime assumed power in 1973, the Chilean public medical system has been incrementally disassembled in favor of private enterprise, modeled after U.S. HMOs. Scarpaci assembles data ranging from interviews with patients to income statements and balance sheets from the National Health Service System, National Health Fund, and National Statistics Institute to view the financial and cultural impediments imposed by the Pinochet system that have compromised and effectively limited health care accessibility for Chile's adult population.

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Joseph L. Scarpaci

Joseph L. Scarpaci is professor emeritus of geography at Virginia Tech University, and author of Primary Medical Care in Chile: Accessibility under Military Rule.

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Joseph L. Scarpaci