Aquí and Allá

Transnational Dominican Theater and Performance

This a well-written, well-researched book. Camilla Stevens makes an indispensable contribution to the fields of Latin American theater studies, Latino studies, Caribbean studies, and transnational studies. Aquí and Allá: Transnational Dominican Theater will become indispensable to scholars in many fields.
Katherine Ford, East Carolina University

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Aquí and Allá: Transnational Dominican Theater and Performance explores how contemporary Dominican theater and performance artists portray a sense of collective belonging shaped by the transnational connections between the homeland and the diaspora. Through close readings of plays and performances produced in the Dominican Republic and the United States in dialogue with theories of theater and performance, migration theory, and literary, cultural, and historical studies, this book situates theater and performance in debates on Dominican history and culture and the impact of migration on the changing character of national identity from end of the twentieth century to the present. By addressing local audiences of island-based and diasporic Dominicans with stories of characters who are shaped by both places, the theatrical performances analyzed in this book operate as a democratizing force on conceptions of Dominican identity and challenge assumptions about citizenship and national belonging. Likewise, the artists’ bi-national perspectives and work methods challenge the paradigms that have traditionally framed Latin(o) American theater studies.

280 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

November, 2019

isbn : 9780822945864

about the author

Camilla Stevens

Camilla Stevens is associate professor at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, where she teaches in the Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

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Camilla Stevens