University of Pittsburgh Press Staff

Peter KrachtDirector

Russian and East European Studies, Central Asian Studies
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Peter Kracht

David BaumannDirector of Operations

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David Baumann

Eileen O’MalleyOperations Administrator

Rights & Permissions
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Eileen O’Malley

Sandy CroomsEditorial Director

Environmental History/Studies, Urban History/Studies, African American Studies, Regional (Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania)
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Sandy Crooms

Joshua ShanholtzerSenior Acquisitions Editor

Latin American Studies, Composition Studies
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Joshua Shanholtzer

Abby CollierSenior Acquisitions Editor

History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Medicine, History of Architecture and the Built Environment
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Abby Collier

John FaganMarketing Director

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John Fagan

Kelly ThomasMarketing Coordinator

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Kelly Thomas

Sheena CarrollMarketing Assistant

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Sheena Carroll

Alex WolfeEditorial and Production Director

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Alex Wolfe

Joel CogginsDesign and Production Manager

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Joel Coggins

Amy ShermanManaging Editor

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Amy Sherman

Melissa Dias-MandolyProduction Editor

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Melissa Dias-Mandoly