Albert Gallatin

Jeffersonian Financier and Diplomat

Walter's biography is a superior one. It is objective, based on extensive research, and well written.
Chicago Tribune

Raymond Walters, Jr. presents the definitive biography of Albert Gallatin (1761-1849), recounting sixty years that the Swiss-born diplomat served his adopted country as a congressional leader, Secretary of the Treasury, financier, and ambassador. Gallatin was a founder of the House Committee on Finance (later the Ways and Means Committee), a member of the new Democratic-Republican Party, and an active politician who opposed the Federalist Party and its programs, while also helping to bring about the election of Thomas Jefferson.

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Raymond Walters

Raymond Walters, Jr. was an editor for the New York Times Book Review, and the author of the biography Alexander James Dallas: lawyer, politician, financier, 1759-1817.

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Raymond Walters