Dylan Thomas’ Early Prose

A Study in Creative Mythology

This first full-scale treatment of the early prose of Dylan Thomas demonstrates the unity of his total work. Pratt argues that the inward journey of the poetic imagination which is implicit in poetry is often explicit in prose. Her study of ThomasÆ early prose alongside his early poetry helps to elucidate all of his writing. Pratt includes three appendices: a chronology, a summary of the criticsÆ attitudes toward the problem of influence, and a bibliographical sketch of materials in the Parris surrealist magazine transition, which are paralleled in ThomasÆ prose.

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Annis Pratt

Annis Pratt, former professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is author of Archetypal Patterns in Women’s Fiction and Dancing With Goddesses: Archetypes, Poetry and Empowerment.

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Annis Pratt