In Evidence

Poems of the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps

In Evidence is as stark as the stark realities it confronts. The 'liberation" its poems describe was a liberation only for a frightening few sad survivors. For the dead, and for the rest of humanity, it was a condemnation of the soul from which in some ways we shall never recover. This is a valuable and unfortunately a necessary work.
C. K. Williams

In Evidence is a collection of poems in the voices of allied troops who liberated Nazi concentration camps in Europe in the sprong of 1945. Barbara Helfgott Hyett heard poems in the eyewitness testimony of United States soldiers. She has shaped the words of thirty speakers into a songle narrative, a single voice.

176 Pages, 5 x 8.5 in.

April, 1986

isbn : 9780822953760

about the author

Barbara Helfgott Hyett

Barbara Helfgott Hyett’s poems have appeared in The Nation, The New Republic, The Massachusetts Review, and many other magazines. A teacher of writing at Boston University, she has edited the memoirs of a Holocaust survivor as well as several anthologies of poems by children.

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Barbara Helfgott Hyett