The Butterflies Of West Virginia and their Caterpillars

The wild and wonderful state has the Northeast's widest variety of plants and animals, including the 128 species spotlighted in [this book]. The richly illustrated field guide, with 50 color photographs and various tables and charts, is detailed enough for the dedicated lepidopterist. But it may inspire the Sunday stroller to take a longer look at the creepy-crawlies and winged critters encountered.
Pittsburgh Magazine

The Butterflies of West Virginia and Their Caterpillars describes 128 species of butterflies found in the state, along with their caterpillars and pupae. Each species account provides a description and information on distribution, habitat, life history, nectar sources, and larval host plants. Butterflies, their caterpillars and pupae are featured in hundreds of color illustrations, as well as detailed drawings and maps. Written for scientists and general enthusiasts alike, the book also includes chapters on studying butterflies and butterfly gardening.

400 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

November, 1997

isbn : 9780822956570

about the author

Thomas Allen

Thomas J. Allen is a wildlife biologist with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. He is the coauthor of White-tailed Deer in West Virginia and The Tiger Beetles of West Virginia; in his spare time, he raises butterflies, including many photographed for this book, and works as a wildlife artist.

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Thomas Allen