Braddock At The Monongahela

A careful examination. . . . [Kopperman] has written, although he disclaims that distinction, the definitive narrative of the battle. . . . The book is a masterful demonstration of the techniques of critical analysis.
American Historical Review

On July 9, 1755, an army of British and American soldiers commanded by Major General Edward Braddock marched toward a major western outpost held by the French, confident of an easy victory. Suddenly, they were attacked by a much smaller force of French and Indian fighters-Braddock's army was destroyed, its commander fatally wounded, and supplies and secret papers were lost to the enemy. Paul E. Kopperman has used all of the known eyewitness reports of Braddock's defeat-some never before printed-to present an exciting critical account of this definitive battle in the French and Indian War. Braddock at the Monongahela is a synthesis of in-depth analysis of primary source materials, thoughtful evaluation of previous studies on the subject, and Kopperman's own persuasive interpretation.

358 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5 in.

November, 2003

isbn : 9780822958192

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Paul Kopperman

Paul E. Kopperman, professor of history at Oregon State University, is the author of Sir Robert Heath, 1575-1649: Window on an Age, as well as numerous articles on British, colonial American, and military history.

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