Pittsburgh Then And Now

Pittsburgh Then and Now . . . may make your blood boil and bring tears to your eyes, but this is not just a story of Lost Pittsburgh. Smith also records the remarkable continuity of the city's hillside neighborhoods, the evolution of Downtown and the remaking of the Point. . . . Smith's book is a reminder that cities are more than collections of buildings. They are repositories of memories, keepers of dreams. . . . Pittsburgh Then and Now brings back places we have lost but not forgotten.
Pittsburgh Press

This handsome volume presents 161 pairs of matching before and after photographs of Pittsburgh. A treasury of images for those who remember the old Pittsburgh, those who are curious about its past, and anyone interested in Pittsburgh's fascinating evolution from “smoky city” to the city it is today.

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Arthur G. Smith

Arthur G. Smith was Professor of History and Chairman of the History Department at Chatham College.

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Arthur G. Smith