The Great Succession

Henry James and the Legacy of Hawthorne

The first sustained analysis of Hawthorne's influence upon James's fiction over an extended period. . . . Long offers new insights, showing himself particularly adept in tracing literary associations.
Nineteenth-Century Fiction

The first book devoted to the literary relationship between Henry James and his American predecessor, Nathaniel Hwthorne. Robert Emmet Long demonstrates JamesÆ transformation of HawthorneÆs romantic forms into realism, as one of the significant features of JamesÆ early career. Long shows that Hawthorne provided James ith a native tradition having its own conceptions of American psychological experience.

216 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

December, 1979

isbn : 9780822984740

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Robert Emmet Long

Robert Emmet Long is a scholar whose articles and reviews have appeared in many national publications.

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Robert Emmet Long