The Metafictional Muse

The Works of Robert Coover, Donald Barthelme, and William H. Gass

McCaffery is a liberal critic who appreciates the risks taken by experimental writers, sympathizes with their neglect by the general reader, and is patient with their failures. . . . Above all, he pays attention to the arguments and aesthetic positions taken by these experimental writers in a sufficiently detailed manner to provide the reader with some basis for judging and evaluating these views. . . . A well-balanced and thorough treatment of three exemplary figures.
Contemporary Literature

McCaffery interprets the works of three major writers of radically experimental fiction: Robert Coover; Donald Barthelme; and Willam H. Gass. The term “metafiction” here refers to a strain in American writing where the self-concious approach to the art of fiction-making is a commentary on the nature of meaning itself.

312 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

October, 1982

isbn : 9780822984894

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Larry McCaffery

Larry McCaffery is emeritus professor of English and comparative literature at San Diego State University.

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Larry McCaffery