Weimar Prussia, 1925–1933

The Illusion of Strength

In his examination of Prussian politics during Weimar, Orlow has mined an impressive array of archival sources, including the papers of most of the principal personalities and the surviving records of the state government. He has also scrutinized the press of that period and worked through a published course too often neglected in favor of unpublished documentations: parliamentary proceedings. The result is a treasure trove of information about Germany's largest state during its brief period of democratic government.
Central European History

With the development of a strong parliamentary system, Orlow shows how close Prussia came to realizing its goal of lasting democracy for the entire Reich, and how far it fell when the Nazis took power.

378 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

November, 1991

isbn : 9780822985341

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Dietrich Orlow

Dietrich Orlow is professor of history at Boston University.

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Dietrich Orlow