History and Context in Comparative Public Policy

A benchmark contribution. Its theme is that policy studies constitute the one area of research in political science that best lends itself to interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives and historical frameworks of analysis. . . . It stands as a broad survey of the field of comparative policy studies as well as a testament to the importance of this area of inquiry.
Journal of Policy History

Douglas E. Ashford joins a growing number of scholars who have questioned the behavioralist assumptions of much policy science. The essays in this volume show why policy analysis cannot be confined to prevailing methods of social science. Policy-making behavior involves historical, contextual, and philosophical factors that also raise critical questions about the concepts and theory of the discipline. Ashford asks difficult questions about the contextual, conjunctural, and unintentional circumstances that affect actual decision-making. His bridging essays summarize opposing viewpoints and conflicting interpretations to help form a new agenda for comparative policy analysis.

376 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

August, 1992

isbn : 9780822985372

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Douglas E. Ashford

Douglas E. Ashford was Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Douglas E. Ashford