American Standard

An achievement of realism enhanced by a thoughtful, forgiving imagination.
Elizabeth Hardwick
Winner, 2002 Drue Heinz Literature Prize

Winner of the 2002 Drue Heinz Literature Prize
Selected by Elizabeth Hardwick

It is difficult to see what lurks beneath the surface of a muddy river, an alligator-infested lake, or a John Blair short story. The deep currents that drive a demure, devout, church-going woman to shoot her husband; the ripple effect of a midnight rendezvous at church youth camp that goes slightly—then horribly—askew; the sinkholes that can swallow Porsche dealerships—or marriages; what is dredged up in American Standard cannot easily be forgotten.

Set mostly in central Florida, Blair’s stories are filled with people living lives of disquieting longing and stubborn isolation. For them, this is the American standard, as ubiquitous and undistinguished as vitreous china bathroom fixtures.

192 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

October, 2002

isbn : 9780822941927

about the author

John Blair

John Blair was born in St. Petersburg, Florida. A self-proclaimed army brat, he “grew up everywhere,” but spent most summers visiting his grandparents in Lake Wales, Florida. A professor of English at Southwest Texas State University, Blair lives in San Marcos with his wife and son.

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John Blair