The Homestead Strike of 1892

This book, which has been too long out-of-print, is rich with portraits of industrial and political leaders. It is especially vivid in its use of the workers' testimony given at the time of their trials; it provides an outstanding summarization of their cause.
Pennsylvania History

In 1893 Arthur Burgoyne, one of Pittsburgh’s most skilled and sensitive journalists, published Homestead, a complete history of the 1892 Homestead strike and the ensuing conflict between the Carnegie Steel Company and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers. Accurate, readable, and judiciously balanced in assigning blame, this work gives crucial insight into a turbulent period in Pittsburgh’s history.

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Arthur Burgoyne

Arthur Burgoyne was a Pittsburgh journalist who wrote during time of the Homestead strike in 1893.

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Arthur Burgoyne