And the Wolf Finally Came

The Decline and Fall of the American Steel Industry

A 'must read' for any industrial relations scholar or student interested in labor-management relations in the American steel industry.
Industrial and Labor Relations

• Choice 1988 Outstanding Academic Book
• Named one of the Best Business Books of 1988 by USA Today
A veteran reporter of American labor analyzes the spectacular and tragic collapse of the steel industry in the 1980s. John Hoerr’s account of these events stretches from the industrywide barganing failures of 1982 to the crippling work stoppage at USX (U.S. Steel) in 1986-87. He interviewed scores of steelworkers, company managers at all levels, and union officials, and was present at many of the crucial events he describes. Using historical flashbacks to the origins of the steel industry, particularly in the Monongahela Valley of southwestern Pennsylvania, he shows how an obsolete and adversarial relationship between management and labor made it impossible for the industry to adapt to shattering changes in the global economy.

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John Hoerr

John Hoerr was a freelance writer and author with over thirty years of experience as a journalist for UPI, The Daily Tribune, and public television. His published work included And the Wolf Finally Came: The Decline of the American Steel Industry and We Can’t Eat Prestige: The Women Who Organized Harvard.

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John Hoerr