Karl Kautsky, 1854-1938

Marxism in the Classical Years

This outstanding political biography traces the development of Kautsky as a thinker and a Socialist. The author explains Kautsky's debates with Eduard Bernstein, Ross Luxemburg, Eduard David, Georg Ledebour and others with great clarity.
Labor History

The first major study of Karl Kautsky, considered the most influential Marxian theoretician in the world, from 1895 to 1914. Outside of Friedrich Engels, Kautsky did more to popularize Marism than any other person. An entire generation of Marxists, including Lenin and Trotsky, learned the doctrine in large part from Kautsky.

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Gary P. Steenson

Gary P. Steenson is a historian, specializing in Marxism and Europe. He is the author of several books, including:“Not One Man! Not One Penny!”: German Social Democracy, 1863Ð1914 and After Marx, Before Lenin: Marxism and Socialist Working-Class Parties in Europe, 1884-1914.

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Gary P. Steenson