South America Mi Hija

A remarkable poem-of-ideas—ideas that are provocative, insightful, and . . . dead accurate.
Belles Lettres

When Shawn Doubiago graduated from high school, she and her mother Sharon, embarked on a journey through Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. In Cuzco, Peru, standing before an alter where the Incas had sacrifced their female virgins, the daughter asked, “Are there any good men?” South American Mi Hija is Sharon Doubiago’s reply.

Set amidst the mysteries and tragedies of South American culture, this book-length narrative poem is both an account of their journey and a feminist exploration of the struggle between the sexes.

312 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

April, 1992

isbn : 9780822954507

about the author

Sharon Doubiago

Sharon Doubiago is the author of three book-length poems: South America Mi Hija; The Husband Arcane: The Arcane of O; and Hard Country. Her poetry collections include: Psyche Drives the Coast: Poems, 1975-1987; Body & Soul; and Greatest Hits, 1976-2003. Doubiago is also the author of two short story collections: The Book of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes and El Ni–o. She is the recipient of three Pushcart Prizes and has twice been nominated for the National Book Award.

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Sharon Doubiago