Sleeping Preacher

This is as good as poetry gets. The poems are tightly wrung, sweetness and pain intermingled.
Festival Quarterly
Winner, 1991 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize

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Winner of the 1991 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize.

The poems in this book deal with life in a Pennsylvania Mennonite community and the tensions and conflicts that exist for the speaker as she tries to be true to two worlds, the other being New York City.

80 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

November, 1992

isbn : 9780822954804

about the author

Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Julia Spicher Kasdorf is the author of Sleeping Preacher, Eve’s Striptease, Poetry in America, and Shale Play: Poems and Photographs from the Fracking Fields, a documentary project created in collaboration with photographer Steven Rubin. She has also published a collection of essays, The Body and the Book: Writing from a Mennonite Life, and a biographical study, Fixing Tradition: Joseph W. Yoder, Amish American.

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Julia Spicher Kasdorf