Children Of Paradise

Rosenberg has the gift of connection, the ability to enter into an empathetic contract with the blind child, the impoverished workman, the alienated teenager, the elderly cardiac patient her unborn child—and to deal with this material impressively.
Maxine Kumin

A book of poems about “children” in the widest sense–from children of the Nazi-torn Warsaw ghettos to the American poor, as well as poems of domesticity, love, and daily life.

80 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

April, 1994

isbn : 9780822955023

about the author

Liz Rosenberg

Liz Rosenberg is Associate Professor of English at State University of New York – Binghamton University. Her poetry has been widely published and she is currently writing a column for the Boston Globe. Rosenberg is the winner of the Lee Bennett Hopkins Prize, Paterson Prize and Books of Distinction Award.

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Liz Rosenberg